Scott Elliott, the owner and CEO of the Sarjeant Company Ltd., Custom Concrete (Northern) and Sarjeant Propane, has a deep-rooted passion for the industry that began at 16. Starting as a self-proclaimed “tire-buster and grease-monkey” for Custom Concrete, Scott has since taken on various roles, from batcher and dispatcher to scraper operator and quality control technician. His unwavering dedication to the day-to-day operations of the concrete and aggregate business is a testament to his profound personal interest in the industry.


Scott studied business at York University and further studied concrete and aggregate technologies at various industry-specific institutes in Canada, Europe and the United States.


Scott’s leadership extends beyond his business ventures. He has served as the President of the Ready-Mix Concrete Association of Ontario (1989) and its Technical and Safety Committee Chairman. His contributions to the Barrie Construction Association as a Director and Past President are also noteworthy. In recognition of his leadership, he was named the Barrie Business Man of the Year in 1990, and in 2005, Sarjeants was honored as the Employer of the Year.


Scott served as Chairman of Royal Victoria Hospital from July 2006 to December 2008, and he also served as vice-chair of the board and chair of the joint conference. Scott has been a Director at Royal Victoria Hospital since 2001.


In 2012, Scott was named the inaugural recipient of the Barrie Arts Award for Business and received the Maurice MacLaren Award from the gallery for his contribution to the community. In 2013, Scott was awarded The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. This Medal recognizes and honors exceptional Canadians for their contributions to their fellow citizens, community, and country.


Scott also finds time to be an active Rotary Club of Barrie member. He is an avid diver and started his own scuba diving company in Muskoka in his teens. Residing in Barrie, Scott and his son Brandon operate The Sarjeant Company Ltd., Custom Concrete Northern and Sarjeant Propane. Also, a part of the Elliott family are daughters Brianna, who is in the legal profession, and Amanda, who is an Architect.


Scott and Brandon feel strongly that as business becomes more automated, we must always be vigilant in providing customers with a “human experience” rather than an impersonal automated approach.